What Should You Know About ANP

ANP, initiated by Japanese and Korean Foundation and developed by a secret technological team, is an application lab that dedicated in the DeFi field.

  1. What is DeFi?

DeFi, for most of us, was a wholly new concept when it became a hit in 2020. Some may have heard the name of DeFi, but do not know its connotation. It was YFI that bring DeFi concept into common because the legend of YFI is so widely spread among all crypto users: YFI was issued at a price of $3 with a total supply of 30,000. It rose up to a high of $40,000, up 10,000 times with price surpassed BTC for a long period. Not to mention the price spike only took 42 days.

DeFi, the abbreviation of Decentralized Finance, refers to the various financial applications built on a decentralized network. Its goal is to establish a multi-level financial system. With blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as its basis, it aims to recreate and improve the existing financial system. DeFi is a concept and architecture. Simply, it’s the application of “blockchain technology” in financial technology. Most people easily takes DeFi as “Blockchain + Finance”.

From the description above, we can see DeFi is made up by 4 parts:

  1. Established on decentralized blockchain networks
  2. Related with financial industry
  3. Code are open source
  4. Complete developer platform


At present, DeFi is a very important investment opportunity. In other word, it is a very potential filed for investment in 2021.

In 2018 when DeFi was just emerged, its users were only a few hundred.

In 2019, DeFi embarked on its journey with TVL reached $150 million

In 2020, DeFi saw exponential rise. From April to October, the DeFi trading volume surged remarkably from $1 billion to $10 billion. As of the moment, the total value locked in DeFi protocols was over $15 billion with users surpassing 1 million cross the world.

What Should You Know About ANP

  1. ANP is the world’s first “Auction for Mining” trading platform in the DeFi field. There’s an old saying “In vain your effort if the initial direction is wrong” . ANP is on the DeFi ride now!

Below I will introduce ANP for you.

1, ANP is initiated synchronously in China, Japan and Korean.

2, ANP is the world’s first “Auction for Mining” platform in the world.

As we know, any project with the label of “world’s first” in DeFi field is bond to attract a lot attention from investors. Hence, the project’s price action will be largely not bad.

3, ANP is of intrinsic price-pump characteristics

Admittedly, investors will keep close attention to the token price if investing for a token. ANP, with its soft lock-up design, has the intrinsic price-pump characteristics. Even if the price may fall sometime, the auction will pump the price up. ANP price climbs in a spiral mode instead of the linear mode by its design. Intrinsically, it is an intricate mathematic model.

4, ANP does not belong to any country, organization, individual. It belongs to every community members.

Consensus is an old talk, but any price spike requires a consensus reached by all users. The most attracting in investing DeFi projects is that: all data is transparent, code open source, information searchable on blockchain. All rules are written in smart contract. Once the data is on blockchain, no one is able to falsify the data, so everyone can buy/sell it easily and securely.

That’s the ANP you may have not learned yet. That’s all.

What Should You Know About ANP